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Salers Females

Red Salers cows
Wild cows?

Our Salers cows here at McIver's Happy Acres are super females! They combine longevity and performance in one great package.

  • Above left - Two red Salers cows with calves.
  • Above right - David scratching one of the cows while the rest look on.
  • Right - We work hard maintaing great udders.
  • Lower right - One of our black Salers cows.
  • Lower left - One of our red Salers cows. Notice the udders on both of these cows.
Exceptional Udders
Red Salers cow
Black Salers cow
Black Salers pair
Red Salers pair
  • Above left - a black Salers cow with her bull calf. Spring calving herd.
  • Above right - a red Salers cow with her bull calf from the Fall calving herd.
  • Right - a really nice black Salers heifer calf.
  • Lower right - Two red Salers replacement heifers.
  • Lower left - Another red Sale replacement heifer. They're easy fleshing with lots of capacity.
Black Salers heifer calf
Red Salers replacement heifer
Red Salers replacement heifers

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