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Remitall Boomer 46B
Remitall Boomer 46B

We have been in the purebred cattle business for over 85 years. Our Polled Hereford program has been built on the bloodlines of the great Remitall herd of western Canada. The consistency of the Remitall program was proven again this year. We have been fortunate to share several herd bulls with them, including Remitall Boomer 46B (pictured right), a sire of immense breeding strength.

Our herd is large. We have a spring calving group and a fall calving group. We have some outstanding herd bull prospects. Our herd is linebred to the Keynote line. We have followed the Remitall breeding program probably closer than anyone else in North America, adding top bulls and foundation females. You are invited to come and see for yourself what it is doing for us and what it could do for your herd.

Herd Bulls
We have our herd bulls and bulls that have had an influence on our breeding program in more detail in our Bulls section. There are also pictured young bulls that we feel can have potential in your herd.

Cow Herd
Take a more detailed look at our cow herd and future replacements. We think you'll like what you see.

Hereford Photos
2009 Photos
2008 Photos
We have pictures of many of our bulls, cows and calves that you can go through and find what you like. If you have any questions about them note the Picture ID and contact us.

Fall Calving Pair
Fall Calving Pair
Looking for Shade
Shadin' Up