Intensive Grazing
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The Family Farm

Aerial Picture of FarmThe farm has been in the family since the early 1890’s. My grandfather, who emigrated from Scotland, had a General Store in Lowry, Minnesota, and at that time bought a farm to give his sons something to do. My father John, and his brother George, later bought the farm. Then David, being the only son of the two families, became involved.

Intensive Grazing

In the late ‘70s and early ‘80s we were introduced to the New Zealand style of intensive grazing grass farming through the Gallagher Power Fence Co. Since that time we have tried to get more and more of our farm into grass and intensively graze that. Hence we have increased our cow herd to around 200 polled Hereford, Salers and crossbred cows. We market 35-40 bulls each year. We have no show barns. The cattle are raised on roughage in groups according to age. Click to see more on intensive grazing at the McIver farm...

Scott McIver (right) cutting silage. David and a neighbor pull the filled wagons back to the silage pit where they unload them into a bag-packer.
Scott chopping silage
Scott w/Corn
Corn Field

(Above) Scott standing in front of some of the corn shortly before chopping. It's over twelve feet tall!


(Above, right) One of the corn fields that will be used for silage.


At right is a field where the wheat has already been harvested and turnips have been planted. If the weather cooperates the turnips planted will be far enough along to provide feed for cattle in late fall and early winter.

David unloading silage into the silage bagging machine. The bags provide a product with minimal waste.
Packing Silage

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